We sometimes encounter drivers at Ralph Sellers Hyundai who think of alignment service as a choice. Instead, you should consider it a must-do item. Our Gonzales, LA team expertly performs this maintenance service, and its highlights follow.

Every alignment service begins on our professional alignment tester. It gives us three important readings. The first, caster, shows us if your front and rear ends improperly track. Secondly, camber measures whether each of your tires forms a right angle with the ground. Third, toe shows us whether each tire tracks right, left or neutral when your vehicle is pointed straight. Neutral is the goal.

Your vehicle's manufacturer shares tolerance ranges for these values with us. We'll show you where your readings fall related to these ranges. Any that land beyond their prescribed range should be adjusted. After we complete our adjustments, your tires' treads can travel farther, and you can roll up to 10,000 smooth miles before your next alignment checkup.

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