The engine in your vehicle tends to stay warm when you're driving in Baton Rouge, LA. However, it shouldn't overheat. If you notice your temperature gauge rising while you're driving, then consider visiting Ralph Sellers Hyundai so that someone can check to see if there's any damage that's been done to the engine and to determine the cause of the issue.

A thermostat that's stuck in the closed position is a common reason for an overheating engine. If the thermostat doesn't open as it should, then coolant can't travel through the system to cool the engine when you're driving in Gonzales, LA. The radiator could also be restricted due to objects on the exterior of the part or blockages that are inside the unit, such as air bubbles that prevent coolant from properly flowing.

If the temperature sensor doesn't detect that your engine is overheating, then it won't signal the fan to come on to cool it down. A cooling fan that is broken or that has a faulty motor can lead to overheating as well.

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